A mantra: choosing wisely, choosing to love the very fear in me.
A mantra; a tonic for daily whirlpools of other people's stressors, projections, and transferable anxieties.
Extend your rug, guard its fringeListen now (6 min) | A prayer for the 3:00 a.m wake up storms, for the child neglected at home.
A prayer that screams into the lightyears. A reminder that perfect is not prayer.
The mason, the engineer, and the architectListen: A prayer for pleasure. Discern the moments, your feelings, and their intentions. Every mix brings out your shades but a few, a few can bring out…
Your mirror and my Sunflower neck Listen to today's prayer for your ever beginner, your constant learner and your every reminder. From sun rise to sun set.
Recipes of respite, restoration, and reinventionListen to: A prayer to sharpen your pencils, to soften the scales off your wintered hands, to remind you that with a table, a kitchen, and your…
Bend reality and mend timeListen to: A prayer to tend to your disillusion, to remind you that while what you see is brutal, it is not all. Your eye is only the shore. Your heart…
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Ora et labora