Ora et labora
Ora et labora Spoken Prayers
Bend reality and mend time

Bend reality and mend time

A prayer to tend to your disillusion, to remind you that while what you see is brutal, it is not all. Your eye is only the shore. Your heart the ocean.

Sitting and soaking, the glee of feeling my family
in my skin
in my soul
the blurred lines of friends and kin
the broad strokes, the fine lines, the brush streaks.
The shelter in their umbrellas, under their neon lights, tucked into their smiles and splayed over their flushed rosy cheeks!

Surrounded in my surrender
My mountains trail my mounting decades, gracefully lining the belt of this journey
Orion would be humbled by the grace in their glimmer,
Light and luster.
Kira Kira Kira. with every twist in my waist to the music of their chanting hearts
An orchestra in harmony, attuned to our soul’s melodies.

Find your role, the vibration of YOUR light, the mission of your soul.

The light bearers
The light seekers
The torch starters
The flame throwers
The fire finders
The sun soldiers
The light laborers
The radiant rebels
The reflecting marvels
The perusing projectors
The chain stokers
The light loading birds
The sun sway rollers

Sun flowers here and there, sun flower souls all around

You bring light, that is for certain
and just like infra red or ultra violet, yours does not have to be seen,
most certainly, it does not have to be “obvious”
shut down the lies of innate and inborn
shut off the tremors of the superior and a natural
your light does not even have to be brilliant, it does not have to sparkle
your light has only to climb out of your wounds
it has only to dance out of your stitches
it has only to whisper your story in its universal truths onto the skin of 7.753 billion
No more no less.
A humble task, and only you can do it.

Now Now - Wabi Sabi

Gold seams on every bruise and injury
go on stoking
Take the coal left in your stockings by Bezos, Musk, and Gates
bring it to the pit where the union of light workers gathers
unload the weight of those stones into the collective well
let every stone drop. In time our unloaded baggage will also be the floor we stand on
the levitating stage we rise from
Let the well fill with coal, let the pit burn
come in union

A chain of beams beating in synchrony and oddity
light up the world
burn down the forts
the dark will retreat not at will, but in wonder
the wonder of your smile onto my spirit of how it shines on mine and my own

Break plates
let nothing survive from this ancient inheritance
let us melt it all and mold one new
one that doesn’t fit me, doesn’t fit you

Reflecting each others’ light,
cultivating collective sight;
furnishing hands of ease, of sleight;

Wear your hat strewn with the feathers of tyrant peacocks
let their emerald, indigo, and gold glisten under the light of the fire from the pit.

Intention as mother to your actions - intentionality

Attention in the reading - optionality

Deliberation in your motions - accountability

Projectors of every kind
Sunflower souls in constant flight
Migrant birds with roots in lands of constant plight

Enlightenment: complete collaboration with the inevitable(Anthony de Mello)

Etel & Mona left us this year, their ultimate artifact: leaving.
A profound contour of absence.
The final inevitable collaboration of all.

عذرا ماما، في رحلتي للارتقاء لن أكون فتاةراقيةسأفضلبنت شارع” و هذا لن يمنعني من حبك (sources linked best I could)

From Beirut to El Salvador
From Sanaa to Artsakh

From Karnataka to Marseille
From Cuba to HongKong

From Myanmar to Baghdad
From Tigray to Honolulu

From Ferguson to El Lidd
From Idlib to Kyiv

Oppressors do not sit in hierarchy,
they share one round table
there is no order for who and what topples first

The light will climb out of every wounded victim,
every abandoned corps, brown skin or blue eyed,
every stunted child,
revenge on the violent and on the civilized

The union.
Light communion.
She will bring down every soldier and will cut down every king, their skeletons will fill our pit and create level ground for all of our kin.

A world where many worlds fit (Zapatista)
This is for the people of the sun
Everything for everyone, and nothing for ourselves.
- (Rage against the Machine)

As you review monogamy, review yours with authority,
reflect on its conflation with legitimacy
retrospect your moral statements,
resubmit your applications to the office of compliance and ethical statements,
pen it with
Thank you for attempting order, but I choose chaos, fuck you very much and merci!

We will mend time
We will bend reality
Shine your light
Stoke through plight

Chain stokers,
Love makers,
Generational trauma breakers,
Roller bladers.

First generation women
First generation men
Come together, love and live with power of kin.


 كسره كأس، فتتغير معالمه، تنكسر رقصته لكن مسار هجرته نْفسُه. نَفَسُه. قبلة الأجداد. مصباح القلب، محرك الوجدان، ترياق النسيان. بشباط بنسى، بوقع، بتذكر. بوقف، بكمل، بدور وبمشي. بنسى لأن كل مرة برجع بتذكر، شعلة ناري بتقوى و طريق الهجرة بيوضح اكتر. "الرفقة مفتاح الطريق و أُنسه"، فمرارة الرحيل بحلاوة الوصول. نرحل. نصل. ننسى. نرحل. نصل. ننسى. هجرة دائمة نحو الشمس. لا نرنو اليها خوفا من العمى ولكن نسافر نحوها بقيادة الدفئ من قمرة الضوء، نتبع خريطتها؛ فنشمس الخوف ونجفف الحصاد نطهر الشراشف ونشعل الحرائق بعين المِجهر. المَهجر، َنَقرُب ونبتعد ، نبتعد ونتجدد. الهجرة دائمة.


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Ora et labora
Ora et labora Spoken Prayers
(spoken) Secular prayers to hold your hand through the apocalypse(s). Take what you need.