Ora et labora
Ora et labora Spoken Prayers
Recipes of respite, restoration, and reinvention

Recipes of respite, restoration, and reinvention

A prayer to sharpen your pencils, to soften the scales off your wintered hands, to remind you that with a table, a kitchen, and your imagination you can rest, restore, reunite and reinvent, together.

Imagine how we have passed down recipes from generations long gone, how we infuse cuisine, how the culinary arts are laced with the science behind taste, the physics of textures and temperature, ingredients and their chemistry.

Imagine the kitchens that come alive, the hands that knead and mix with pride, the tables of kin and tribe.

Imagine now, that we had a culture for passing on recipes of respite, restoration, and recovery.

Making home, the first supper | Recipes of respite & restoration 2022 (reflected)

Fo(u)r seasons, for reasons,
and for every occasion under the sun, something there for everyone.
Imagine what a fusion kitchen of our collective recovery would smell like.
Imagine the warm air of the table on which we dine, thanking the hands passing on salt, pepper, and bread. Thanking the hands, straining pickles from brine.

Imagine a full heart and an easy rest into bed.

If you may not enjoy cooking for yourself,
you will enjoy cooking with and for your tribe.

Take your healing into your kitchen,
no apron, a good sharp knife, honest produce,
season and spice.

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write invites
seal them with kisses
send them with light

Put some music on,
a glass in hand,
maybe even dance.
Mis en place!

Make book shelves and libraries brim with your cookbooks and let others join your counter tops so your recipes can mix and so you can plate dishes in playful dance from the salt, acid, fat, and heat of your lives.

Bon appétit
Bon à vivre


You deserve your flowers, steep in them for hours.

Reliably communicate your love, stir the pot with dollops of generous attention.

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Set up your table for the meal you wish to have and the feelings you wish to conjure.

There will be many meals, enjoy each with levity.

Let it sit, all of it.

Your intentions are the ingredients of your dish, process gets you flavor, and heart breathes taste. You control the three that go into your dishes, eat from the world but do not get hung on their intentions.

Leave to cool, by a window sill. Let the aromas flood your neighborhood, be it street or universe.

Seasoning makes or breaks your dish, keep your spices stocked, loved, and shaken.

Every product on your counter is going into the dish. no better, no less.

Breathe the world into your dishes and let her show up in your taste buds.

Always have Tupperware.

Mind the heat, do not wear gloves.

Always expand your table, and always store folding chairs. Let them climb your walls, let them invite street vendors and lords.

Sunlight is the best disinfectant, sun yourself, your fruits, your utensils.

Sit down, eat, taste and reckon. The many kisses of life that went into this bite. Oh Mother.

Ruba Sidani on Mother’s Day 2022

Let the warm feeling from one meal grow, let it grow till your heart stretches lands for all of us to sow.

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Ora et labora
Ora et labora Spoken Prayers
(spoken) Secular prayers to hold your hand through the apocalypse(s). Take what you need.
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