Apr 13 • 2M

Grace and grief or punishment and proof

A prayer for the daily choices that compass our human relationships

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(spoken) Secular prayers to hold your hand through the apocalypse(s). Take what you need.
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Lebanon March 2023 , en route to Douma

“Why must we always see the dead body in a funeral?”
I remember asking my mother

She said:
“You must say your goodbyes and swear to their virtues.”

The corpse of a dead relationship needs to be seen.
Sweared at.
and then buried.

We all have our graveyards.
Some have epitaphs
Others have a steady sweet flow of fresh flowers
and some sit deep in unmarked soil, unworthy of memory
or maybe violently disposed

May we be certain when we pick up that shovel

May we be willing to keep living armed with a heart that can extend grace,
and acknowledge grief ,

Instead of a shield that seeks proof and holds onto punishment as creed.

May you discern between people challenged with life but certain of their love for you,
from people who challenge your love by demanding proof and extending punishment onto you.

Amen Amma