Ora et labora
Ora et labora Spoken Prayers
Crush on potential, love on praxis

Crush on potential, love on praxis

A prayer of punctuation, bridges, and your positive entitlement. One to howl at the wolf and snow moon, full, living, and loving.

Praxis at sea | “Love the stranger, the very depth of peculiarity is most relatable” Oct 2020 - Jan 2022

Little chickens wearing dove tails, trying to fit in
when they fly they will fall
no amount of practice will get a sky seeing chicken

you may cluck close to ground
yet your praxis lay eggs
and wake souls out of bed

work with your strength
with your land
with your grain
wear your feathers in might, with pride

P R A C T I C E :
pieces to life’s parcel
recognition; of self
recognition; of other

We are bred to see potential,
baked to fall in love with it
The world around us keeps our tastebuds aroused
we ride moving buses, windows cracked, tongue out
tasting almost everything, but never having a meal
never descending for foot to find soil

Your days end in bed, in states of vertigo, often dread
stimulation of potential in sheets of static
tastes and sights and even potential traffic,
so much OUT THERE!
You start planning, scheming, thinking
Lists of projects underway

a project: beginning, middle, and end

hopefully, finally - a meal - comfort
hopefully, finally - ground - relief

Projects are beautiful marks of human ambition,
they punctuate our world,
shed light on our purpose
vessel our potential,

Praxis are the sum of our values in kinetic action
no beginning, no middle, no end

My potential will grow as I practice:
my values / my philosophy / my actions / my presence/ my mind’s interiors/ my heart’s accents / my foot print on the ground / my thumb print on your heart / my breath in this world

kind, relentless, consistent

practice . praxis

Some days the bus ride is long and dreary
the trail is monotonous, sameness takes hold, the journey gets weary
no new sights to see
no new thrills to seek
not even people to meet
no taste. no potential!

The grace you will find is in your consistent practice of packing your lunch meal,
day in - day out - day before, the predictable grace of praxis.

Praxis is not finite,
it does not end
in its corners are the many and multiple ways of human kind

creativity / iteration / discovery / expression / (re)invention / action / imagination / craft

Projects articulate the breadth of your visit
and; your visit has depth only in practice,

Eyes can glaze over you as a “failed project”
and; yet you will never fail in practice
you do not practice to make perfect
you practice to learn pitfalls
the pitfalls that become the nodes of your compass,
the syllabus of your classroom
magnetically directed, intuitively wired;
electric blue

polish your method
primp your technique
prime your tools
hone your skills
soften the edges on your thumbs and feet

Praxis let you show up
projects help you show out
one makes you visible to yourself,
one makes you visible in the world

one holds your pen in
one throws your net out
options, choices, decisions, and action: the fish of this sea

pen and net, hold them well,
make sure your compass is near
keep an ear out for your calling’s bell

Fall in love with callous skin on palms and finger tips 
Crush, crush on potential. The potential in ether, in scent, and know;
Know that olfactory satiation can get you sprung but never fed 

Almost always any crush is cured with proper acquaintance ( Alain De Button)

Love the practice of lifting, of bending, folding, the mundane dish washing, the helpful palms on hard nights. The practice of showing up in reliable, consistent color. It is not the rainbow, but certainly you wont be soaked in rain. 

so many waves in the bathtub
drain that water, wear your suit
take to sea, practice



Furn El Chebeck Feb 2022
Via @Worry_lines

Finding this video edit of one of my favorite songs that held me through the first lock down was both extremely funny and endearing.

If you found solace, share with others.

Ora et labora
Ora et labora Spoken Prayers
(spoken) Secular prayers to hold your hand through the apocalypse(s). Take what you need.
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